Excerpt No. 1

Actions with reference to reason:

“Good words and deeds conform with the dictates of reason, in contrast with the evil words and deeds. It has already been explained that God has made his laws on the foundation of reason. By reason we mean that faculty by which man perceives right and wrong, and distinguishes between good and bad.”

“It is for this reason that God commanded man to follow his reason, and forbade everything which deranges the reason or throws it into confusion, like drinking alcoholic liquids, gambling, uttering vain words, adultery, cheating, and so on. He also forbade lying, slandering, false accusation, embezzlement, murder, and, in short, all such things which throw reason out of gear and lead it to a wrong judgement. Human life is built on the basis of correct perception and proper thinking, in all its affairs – individual as well as social. If you analyse the personal and collective ills of humanity, you will find that they spring from actions which disturb and confuse the reason. This subject will be explained, God willing, in another place.”

Ref: Tafsir Al-Mizan, Eng. vol. 3