Tafsir Al-Mizan Vol. 29


Product Description

This volume covers the exegesis of three complete chapters: 23, 24 & 25 and the size of the book is 381 pages.

A key verse in Chapter 24 is the verse of the Light (24:35)

There is a discourse on the Impact of Belief under Chapter 23 and a philosophical discourse on God’s Causation of things under Chapter 24.

Publisher: Tawheed Institute Australia Ltd.
Translator: Tawus Raja
Editors: Mubarak Sami & Zainab Karim

Translator’s Profile:
Tawus Raja is an independent translator who has studied Qurʾanic exegesis and Islamic philosophy not through formal university or seminary education. His other works include Shining Sun: In Memory of ʿAllāmah Ṭabāṭabāʾī (London: ICAS Press, 2011), Divine Flashes of Husayn (Chicago: Great Books of the Islamic World, 2011) by Ayatullah Husayni Tihrani, and Treatise on Spiritual Journeying and Wayfaring (Chicago: Great Books of the Islamic World, 2013) by ʿAllāmah Bahr al-Ulum.